Dumps and Dumplings…

Well, what happened today that bears blogging about? One thing that we can all relate to I’m sure. I went out to Dumpling House (328 Spadina Av, Toronto) for lunch with my 85 year old mother and a girl-friend. Lunch was yummy. We ordered a seaweed salad that was quite delish. It could have done with some vinegar to balance out the flavours but was nonetheless yummy. My mother and Theresa shared pork and chive dumplings and shrimp and veggie dumplings. They come attached via a lacy crispy pancake. I had the spinach and black mushroom dumplings and the mixed veggie dumplings. Yum, yum, yum.

My stomach seemed to be a bottomless pit today. Perhaps it was the ‘elegant sweat pants’ that I was wearing. I’m not usually a sweat pant kind of person not having the right bottom to fit them but have recently decided that they are too comfortable not to wear – and so begins the decline. Anyway, I ate most of the 24 veggie dumplings on my own – I could not and really, did not want to nor did I feel the need to stop. Yes, major gluttony indeed and not a regret to be had even with what ensued.  Laced with dollops of home made chilli sauce and sprinklings of soya sauce, it was a memorable meal.

I had forgotten about the noodles I ate last night laced with copious amounts of chilli. Needless to say, the rumblings started at the end of the meal and as I walked my mother out slowly (thankfully Theresa had rushed to get the car), I was beginning to lament not being close to home.

Theresa had not rushed enough – poor gal – for my stomach. There was much clenching and gnashing of the teeth while on the surface I attempted to be normal until the car arrived a few minutes later. It did feel like hours later!  It’s amazing how quickly I lose my sense of humour in this situation.

Anyway, we got every single traffic light just as it turned red and it was definitely a stomach churning ride home. But once home, oooh, it’s like an orgasm! Quel relief. As my friend David used to say, you can beat an egg, you can beat a woman but you just can’t beat a good dump!